We first met Dr. Khosravani during a very difficult time in our lives. Our poor, sweet, sixteen and a half year old chow’s life, Sasha, was failing terminally. Dr. Khosravani’s professional kindness and compassionate care helped us through this emotional time. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did that day. Recently, when we were ready, and adopted two new rescue chows. I found Dr. Khosravani through his website. He came out to us and met our new dogs for their first vet check-up. I’m certain that Dr. Khosravani spent far more time with us then a typical vet appointment for a check-up and de-worming. He visited with us and the dogs going over numerous tips regarding nutrition and training. Dr. Khosravani has phoned and text messaged regularly checking on our new dog’s progress. We are so looking forward to their annual check-up visit to show Dr. Khosravani their wonderful progress from scared pound rescue dogs to very special animal companions.
R Meyer
Surrey, BC

Rose Meyer

Dr. Amir Khosravani is an exceptionally kind, rare person, not easy to find in this world. He came to my apartment on a Saturday night at 1AM and stayed until 3AM. This is extraordinary. Thanks to him, one of the worst days of my life was a little better than it could have been. My cat whom I lived with for 18 years, and who was my best friend, had to be put to sleep. Thanks to Amir, it happened painlessly and without stress, in my cat’s familiar surroundings,where he felt comfortable. I wanted it this way. I felt that I owed it to my cat, after all the love he gave me, to give him a happy life, a life without a bad ending. For all of you readers who love your animal, I hope you will also consider this. Veterinary house calls make so MUCH sense, especially for cats who are often incredibly stressed when they go to a clinic.

On the day he came, Dr. Khosravani understood that I was very stressed and deeply saddened, and he called me more than once in the following days to see if I was ok, as he was worried about me. In one phone call, he talked to me over an hour.

Here is an important thing to consider when you choose a vet. Money cannot buy love. It never has, and it never will.
Dr. Khosravani has love and empathy. It is real empathy, and this is so rare in our money-crazy world.

Armin Loveanimals

Dr. Khosravani and his assistant were great. I received same day service and professional, caring treatment at a very reasonable cost. He is great with cats and took his time to do a thorough assessment. Highly recommended!

Carol UntiVancouver

Dr. Amir was excellent – his availability was immediate and worked around my schedule and he provided excellent advice without charging me for services and treatments my pet did not require. Highly recommended!

Hannah McDonald

It’s one thing to visit a Veterinarian and have a 5 minute exam. It’s a completely different experience to visit Dr. Khosravani. I’ve always wanted to come across a Veterinarian that is not afraid of spending time on their patient and and truly care to find out what’s going on. He never hesitates to fully explain everything in detail and to share with me his approach and reasoning behind his clinical judgment. He is also one of the most passionate people I’ve met in the industry.

Arvin B

Dr. Khosravani is very knowledgeable and kind. He is patient and compassionate . I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone for affordable and good veterinary housecall care.

Wing Ng

We first met Dr. Amir Khosravani during a very stressful and emotional time in our lives. Our beloved, sweet, sixteen and a half year old chow Sasha was failing terminally. I can honestly say that Dr. Khosravani’s gentle, kind and sympathetic care that evening made saying goodbye to Sasha easier. He took the time to answer all our questions and explain every possible scenario. His care for Sasha was exemplary. Once we were ready, we adopted two rescue chows; Midnight and Blackie. I searched out Dr. Khosravani through his website. He made a home visits for a simple checkup and de-worming. I know that Dr. Khosravani spent far more time with all of us than a typical vet appointment. He again answered every question we had. He gave us addition information regarding nutrition and training and spent literally two hours with our new dogs. I am actually looking forward to the chow’s annual check-up to show Dr. Khosravani their progress. I can’t begin to thank Dr. Khosravani for all his help.

Barry Jeske

The experience I had with Dr. Khosravani was just amazing. He was really knowledgeable and he was able to help me with my dog’s situation. He is a caring person who actually tried to listen to me and helped me through the whole process follow by explaining every details of what is needed. My family is really thankful of him and this will not be the last time that I will use his services. 

Pedram Oshidari

I’m so glad I chose a home visit from Dr Amir rather than a stressful trip to the vet! Dr Amir was so professional, friendly and caring when he came to do a health certification for my 3 cats, and his fee was very reasonable. He arrived promptly as scheduled, and went above and beyond the required health check parameters, spending time with each cat and advising me of potential issues with the two older ones. He even did free basic urine tests (not required for health certification) right on the spot, for the two older cats as this is a common issue. Thanks to his care, I was able to get it all done with a minimal amount of stress. Highly recommend him to anyone who wants to spare their pets the stress of leaving home.

Patricia Lopez

In over 25 years of being a pet owner, I have not met a more knowledgeable, trustworthy, proactive, and kind veterinarian than Dr. Khosravani. He made every effort to ensure my (late) cat experienced minimal stress while providing the care she needed to stay well. He provided numerous housecalls to assist with ongoing care and treatment during a time when my cat was unable to leave our home. What I appreciated tremendously was his interest in keeping up to date on the latest research and stayed informed of what tests were most appropriate for any given case. Being a scientist myself, I found his approach particularly appealing. Everything he said made sense and he was never in a hurry. He took his time (and all the time I needed) to explain every aspect of what was done, what could be done, and possibly outcomes. The level of care provided far exceeds the amount he charges. There is no need to look further to find someone to provide veterinary house calls. Dr. Khosravani is the one you want caring for your pet.

Tanya Wahbe

Dr. Khoshravani is one of the most talented Veterinarians in Vancouver. He has the best and easiest cure for your pet in difficult situations. The time that he spends on your pet and his suggestions is what makes Dr. Khosravani special in his work. He is kind, friendly and professional. I highly suggest Dr. Khosravani for your House call services.

Reza ForoughiRealtorWest Vancouver

We met Dr. Amir at one of the most difficult times in our lives. It was time that we had to say goodbye to our very ill shepherd-lab cross of only 4.5 years old. We were not willing to say goodbye any sooner than we had to, and we really wanted to see if there was any hope of him regaining his strength, so it ended up being very late into the night when we came to the ultimate conclusion. We contacted Dr. Amir out of desperation as our vet was unavailable for house calls, and our only other option would have been the emergency after-hours vet (whom we also didn’t know). Dr. Amir came to our home around 1am on a Sunday, and was very compassionate to our situation. We felt comfortable with Dr. Amir very quickly, and he took an amazing amount of time, at such a late hour to talk to us. Once we had everything figured out, Dr. Amir was so kind and patient to give us so much time to cuddle and say goodbye to our beloved friend. It was so nice to say goodbye peacefully, and our friend was able to go to rest on his own bed, in the comfort of his home. Dr. Amir now provides all the veterinary care for our other dog, and we have had such a positive and educational experience with Dr. Amir (he is full of information, and is very informative and supportive with us making the ultimate decisions to what vaccinations we choose, benefits vs drawbacks, etc). We also enjoy not having to wait in a waiting room–it doesn’t feel like waiting when you are at home doing whatever you want before he arrives for your appointment! And though not all animals in conventional vet’s waiting rooms are there due to illness, we do take comfort in avoiding sitting beside other dogs who could be contagious. Getting to know Dr. Amir has been a very positive experience for us, and his passion for helping animals shows through as soon as you meet him. We feel very lucky to have found him.

T Deacon

Dr. Amir is a very compassionate and understanding Vet. Recently I needed a vet who would be able to assist me in caring for my dog who was in the last stages of lung cancer. I wanted my dog to be as comfortable as possible and didn’t want to put him through any stress and so relying on the hours of his regular vet at the clinic didn’t seem like the right choice. I knew I needed a vet who did house calls. Dr. Amir was very knowledgable in current ideology regarding hospice care for my dog. In fact, I found Dr. Amir to be more forthcoming in sharing insightful information about my pet as well as being more informative than any veterinarian I have used prior. He takes the time to explain in detail what is physiologically occurring inside the body of an ill pet and is sensitive to your pets needs and also your wellbeing as the pet parent. I think that Dr. Amir’s approach is multifaceted; he not only understands the clinical aspects of your pets health but also greatly considers your pets behaviour and emotions in is assessment. I personally feel this is the right approach as it provides a much better overall and accurate view of your pets condition and therefore a more accurate diagnosis and treatment than most veterinarians are able to offer by solely observing your pet within the clinic environment. The great advantage of a house call is that Dr. Amir is able to assess a pet’s emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing in their natural surroundings. He’s able to get a “full picture” while examining the pet in the home environment rather than a “snap shot” when the pet is observed in a vet clinic environment. I’m grateful that his house call services are available as an option to going to a clinic.

J Ormiston


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